Friday, May 14, 2010


NOW that I'm interning from 8am-4pmish twice a week, I need to start bring lunch to work.

Bring lunch during my DC days were pretty standard, left overs from the night before, pasta, rice, salads or sandwiches. I like to mix it up now and again with the staples. However, nowadays living with my parents mean that my daily staple will be jasmine rice. HAHA. Not that great. During my college days I swear I was jasmine rice deficient, now I have it at every meal. How the times have changed. Anyhow back to the point of the post. I think a great way for me to spice up my left overs will be making it into edible pieces of art! Who said we are too old to play with our food? They got nothing on this!

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  1. My boss did a Fullbright in Japan and she was just telling me about Bento boxes. They are so weird but cute!